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  • Same-Day Quality ServicesHave your shirts dry cleaned or Laundered & Pressed - at discount prices for the best quality in San Diego.
  • We promise to leave you SmilingAs a family owned and operated business since 1993 we have a long tradition of keeping our customers happy.
  • Personal TouchWe give special attention to your most precious attire-Wedding & Evening Gowns. Everything is done by hand to ensure utmost care & perfection
  • Our Front Desk.Welcome to the leading Dry Cleaners in San Diego where we offer quality services at the best prices
  • Wide VarietyYou can trust us with all your garments and fabrics - from delicate materials to multi-colored fabrics
  • Environmentally Friendly Our machines use non-toxic, hydrocarbon solvents that are environmentally-friendly.
  • Repairs and AlterationsWe have an in-house, full-time tailor with 15+ years of training.
  • We can handle the heavy Stuff We'll do the heavy lifting for you..From linens to curtains, comforters, bedspreads, furniture covers and anything else you need cleaned.


Save up 20 % on your Dry Cleaning
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It's Our 25th Anniversary!

For 25 years our customers have left our stores smiling out of the satisfaction of knowing that their clothes are with San Diego's best in dry cleaning and laundry services.

Our quality of service and our unbeatable prices have become the primary contributors to our reputation for excellence.

What we have developed over these years has been unmatched by our competitors. Learn more about the history of this fine establishment, how far we have come, and our plans for the future.


The Dry Cleaning Process

Learn the 6 stages of the dry cleaning process that your clothes go through. It takes the efforts of every one of our experts to make your clothes look good as new. From the very moment you entrust us with your garments they experience stain removal, hand finishing, inspection, packaging, and more.